The Most Deadliest and Ferocious Armoured Vehicles in India

Power-packed and incredibly deadly, armoured vehicles are majorly used by armies for defense and security purposes. At the core, they offer protection, firepower, and mobility in combat actions. Equipped with extra-thick steel, bullet-proof glass, stock of machine guns & ammunition, and control weapon systems, these beasts possess tactical offensive and defensive capabilities. Listed below are a few of the colossal and mighty armoured vehicles used in India:

1. T-90

The T-90, is by far, one of the most heavily armed combat systems in the world. It has also claimed the title of being one of the best protected tanks across the globe. This robust main battle tank comes equipped with an integrated auto-loader, side skirt armor, glacis plate, raised cupola with vision blocks for commander, NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) protection system, night vision equipment, digital fire control system, dozer blade, and much more.

2. BMP-2

Featuring a 2A42 30mm auto cannon and 9P135M launcher, the BMP-2 (Boyevaya Mashina Pekhoty), also known as ‘Sarath,’ is an amphibious Infantry Fighting Vehicle built by Russia. In fact, Soviet Union pioneered the concept of infantry fighting vehicle by launching this machine. Other features of this sturdy vehicle include seven firing ports, night vision equipment, NBC protection, 6x electrically operated smoke grenade dischargers, coaxial 7.62mm machine gun for anti-infantry defense, and more.

3. Arjun MBT

Named after Arjuna, the famous warrior of the Indian mythological epic Mahabharata, this main battle tank was developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation in the Combat Vehicles Research & Development Establishment (CVRDE) laboratory. This homegrown monster is outfitted with a host of arsenal and ammunition, such as, an anti-personnel 7.62mm coaxial machine gun, 12.7mm machine gun for aerial defense, and a mighty 120mm main rifled gun.

4. Tata Motors LAMV

Developed by Tata Motors India, the light-armoured multipurpose vehicle offers an all-round protection scheme comprising ceramic/composite armouring, blast-deflecting V-shaped hull, mine-protected seats for the crew, and bullet-proof windscreens. Overall, it has been designed to provide patrolling and convoy protection.

5. Hydrema

Outfitted with 72 chains with hammers at the ends and a rotating tale, the Hydrema 910 mine clearing vehicle has the capability to protect its carriers from blast impacts of up to 10 Kgs TNT. The chains of the machine dig into the ground to tear apart or detonate the mines.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are several other vehicles in this segment, such as, Namica, Casspir, Aditya MPV, WZT-3m, and many more. These vehicles have primarily served as perfect companions of the Indian soldiers battling for protecting the nation.

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