Summer Fun Alert: ATV Safety

Much as they provide fun and adventure, All Terrain Vehicles, or ATVs as they are known, are often involved in serious accidents. Many things factor into the cause of an accident in an off road vehicle: improper ATV safety training and not knowing how to operate the vehicle properly are among the top causes. Many of the all terrain vehicle accidents which result in serious or sometimes fatal injuries may be able to be avoided.

ATVs, which are also known as off road vehicles, have many different types of vehicles included within the category. Vehicles such as Jeeps, Monster trucks, or dune buggies can be classified as ATVs. Also in the category may be mini-bikes, and motorcycles, as well. While some of these vehicles have been designed and built for use as an ATV, others were not initially intended for this type of use. Some owners adapt or modify their own vehicles themselves for off roading fun. Since fun is the idea, learning how to avoid the many potential pitfalls and possible dangers can be of great benefit, and help to keep riders safe.

The following questions and answers are offered by a ATV accident attorney, who is also a big proponent of fun with ATVs and off roading.

What Do I Need to Know About ATV Safety?

One of the most important things about ATV safety is to educate yourself about your vehicle. Read through the manufacturer’s written information and be sure anyone who will be operating the vehicle or riding it has been trained as well.

Are there Any Laws I Need to Follow?

Local laws apply, so be informed here, too. In some areas you may not be allowed to operate any type of All Terrain Vehicle, or only certain ones. Find out about the local laws, and follow them, making sure everyone in your group does, too.

I Don’t Know Much About Mechanics, Do I Need to?

It is not uncommon to be stranded while off-roading. It is extremely helpful to know how to repair any minor problems. It’s a good idea to carry some replacement parts along with you in case of a minor breakdown. Don’t let broken things go, fix immediately. The more you know about your vehicle the better.

This is Just Simple Fun, Right?

It can be. It can also turn into a nightmare. Basic good sense should apply. Remember that these are moving vehicles. Do not ever drink and drive any vehicle: ATV, mini-bike, motorcycle, all vehicles, no matter what. Do a safety check each time before you use your all terrain vehicle. Never ride alone. Many ATVs go into remote areas, which is part of the fun. Stay with a group for safety.

Summer fun can involve the safe use of ATV’s. If; however, an accident has occurred with the use of an All Terrain Vehicle, you may need the legal advice of an ATV accident attorney. You may be able to reach a settlement, whether it is with the ATV manufacturer, the owner of the vehicle, or the one who was operating the vehicle involved.

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