State Auto Auction – Getting Vehicles For Rock Bottom Prices!

If you are looking for a way to get your next vehicle for a better price than normal, then you have come to the right place. This strategy is also a great way to start your own used car dealership or just to make some extra money on the side. The automobile makers might be struggling, but that just means there is a better market for used vehicles than ever before. Here is what you need to know about state auto auction sales.

First, if you are just looking to get a vehicle for yourself, then this is a great way to cut out the middle man and avoid the dealership price. Just about every vehicle that is on a dealers lot is marked up about 100% to 200%. This is because they have to make a profit and this is still a fair price compared to the value of the vehicle. They probably paid $1,000 for that vehicle they are selling for $3,000 on their lot.

Well, you can cut that middleman out and go to the state auto auction yourself to get your $3,000 vehicle for $1,000. This is a great way to get a replacement vehicle after you have had yours totaled because you will either spend all the insurance money and get a much better vehicle than you originally had or you will spend less and have some left over with the same quality of vehicle. This is your ticket to saving a ton of money on a vehicle purchase.

Second, you can also use state auto auctions to start your own dealership or to just make a little bit of money on the side. Imagine if you could go to the auctions once a money, purchase 2 vehicles, and sell them both that month for a $2,500 profit. That would be a great bit of extra money and it can be done very easily. Just go and pick up vehicles that are dependable and popular. Then, put an ad in the local classifieds and by the end of the month you can sell it for twice what you paid for it.

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