HTML Messaging

The format of your newsletters can help in converting more leads to sale. Most online marketers consider the use of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) messaging. HTML messaging gives your more control over your news reports by giving you more alternatives as to how you want your message to appear – layout, color, font, graphics, etc. HTML can make your emails for your clients look like web pages and can be browse as web pages. HTML messages can contain links, images and any kind of content viewable to the web. And things as such can make viewers enjoy looking at your updates.

HTML messaging does have benefits as mentioned but it has also disadvantages once used improperly. Usage of external editors like FrontPage or Netscape Composer can increase flexibility but can undermine your online campaign since these editors have different effects on the final outcome of the message because their codes are not all the time compatible. In order to avoid this problem have a programmer code your email template by hand. In addition, graphics embedded improperly in your HTML message will cause your clients to see a small red X and an empty graphic box instead of the graphics you intend your viewers to see. This can tarnish your reputation. In some cases slow loading time and image blocking are experienced by your clients, make sure to have a short tag describing the image so that you clients will have the idea of ​​what they're about to see.

Furthermore, virus outbreak is very offensive that is why mail administrators reject anything that might carry a virus. In HTML messaging, usage of scripts such as java script, visual basic, etc is discouraged.

Another friendly advice, use visuals sparingly so that your prospects won't get distracted. Make your graphics fitted to your report – promotion or updates.

If you would like to try HTML messaging but has uncertainty of your message deliverability, or you have already tried HTML messaging for the purpose of making your emails more enjoyable for your prospects but have delivery problem. EmailReach can help you fix your problem. EmailReach checks the content of your message as well as its HTMLcodes.

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